Biologically active collagen gel for application to the skin.

Take care of the most important aspects of your skin with the new generation collagen.

For a woman like you

You are 35, maybe 40 and you feel that this is your time. You are no longer an insecure teenager, but a fulfilled woman who knows what she wants. You have many ideas in your head and you are determined to put them into practice.

Don’t let your good time be marked by changes in your appearance. The first signs of skin ageing can appear already when you are 25. Can you see them in yourself? Now is the right time to add natural collagen from the NanoCollagen Active Gel range to your daily skincare routine.

We have used an innovative method to extract the highest quality natural collagen.

NanoCollagen is living particles of natural collagen closed in a glass bottle in the form of a gel.

With the method of obtaining collagen from fish, patented by Polish scientists, we have made a product that not only moisturises the skin on its surface, but above all penetrates its deep layers, ensuring optimal hydration, improving elasticity and smoothing out wrinkles.

These are just a few of the numerous advantages of NanoCollagen; discover our products and choose the collagen for yourself.

Meet the Collagen Active Gel products

choose the collagen that suits your needs

Active skin protection and care at any age – Active Gel Pure

Wondering how to keep your skin looking its best and keep it fresh and flawless all day long? We have the answer. We have encapsulated it in the Active Gel Pure formula, and we have achieved this through natural collagen proteins, completely free from artificial additives and other unnecessary bulking agents.

Regular use of Active Gel Pure collagen will provide you with:

  • hydrated skin,
  • active UVA and UVB protection,
  • improving skin firmness and elasticity,
  • restoring eyelashes and eyebrows after cosmetic procedures,
  • skin regeneration after burns,
  • smoothing scars,
  • combating cellulite and stretch marks.

Optimal moisturising of the skin and a fresh and flawless appearance? Choose Active Gel Pure Collagen.

Soothing irritations and caring for sensitive skin – Active Gel Oat Lipid

Do you feel that moisturising with regular creams is not enough for your skin? If you are tired of dry, irritable skin, reach for natural support: Active Gel Oat Lipid, a combination of collagen and oil extracted from a specific variety of oat.

We have developed Active Gel Oat Lipid for women who:

  • suffer from atopic dermatitis or other skin complaints,
  • have seasonal skin problems,
  • want to remove blemishes irreversibly,
  • are looking for effective care for their couperose skin,
  • often have irritated skin after sunbathing or cosmetic procedures,
  • want to perform facial massage without worrying about bursting capillaries.

With Active Gel Oat Lipid, problem skin is not a problem. Try this soothing gel rich in natural moisturising ingredients.

Perfect hydration and care for mature skin – Active Gel Hyaluronic

Have you noticed recently that your skin is no longer as firm, supple and smooth as it was a few years ago? Such changes are natural, but you don’t have to accept them. Take advantage of Active Gel Hyaluronic NMF, a formula based on a combination of ingredients found naturally in human skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid and an NMF complex.

If you want its effects to last, use Active Gel Hyaluronic NMF regularly. You will then notice in particular:

  • long-lasting hydration and firmness, especially for mature skin,
  • inhibition of the skin ageing process,
  • visible smoothing of wrinkles after the first application,
  • accelerated cell regeneration, faster healing of wounds and irritations.

Give your skin what it needs: optimally selected, natural ingredients.

What is collagen?

Collagen, often referred to as the protein of youth, is one of the most important structural proteins found in the human body and one of the most important building blocks of the skin, responsible for its elasticity. It is in the skin that approximately 40% of human collagen is found.

Unfortunately, as we age, collagen regeneration processes become much weaker. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and the ageing process begins to accelerate rapidly.

Why NanoCollagen?

The uniqueness of our products has its source in the way they are obtained. In contrast to the low-quality collagen hydrolysates from bovine fibres (i.e. gelatine) used in cosmetics, our products are obtained from the cartilaginous portion of the silver carp’s dorsal fin. Therefore, we not only get a naturally high melanin content, but also a more pleasant product smell compared to some fish-derived collagens extracted from the skin of low-quality fish. Interestingly, the process of obtaining collagen from fish while preserving its biological activity, collagen hydration, has been patented by Polish scientists.

The structure of NanoCollagen corresponds to collagen naturally occurring in the human body. This is why it can actively penetrate the skin, effectively regenerating and rejuvenating the tissues.

As well as slowing down the skin ageing process, our collagen can also be used in therapeutic cosmetics, primarily for various skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and atopic dermatitis.

NanoCollagen is a top-quality product, laboratory tested and subjected to in-use tests which confirmed its effectiveness and safety; thus, it can be applied in such sensitive areas as around the eyes, on skin irritated after procedures or on delicate baby skin.

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